About Forage & Find

Postage for the UK- £2.60 for however many items you purchase
Worldwide postage- £3.50 for however many items you purchase.

Forage & Find handmade vintage jewellery
Forage & Find was developed in 2011 using all things vintage as a way of promoting individual style through jewellery based on elements from the past, stepping away from fast & disposable fashion.
Literally sourcing and using components from the past to develop our jewellery has been our skill, and it is so rewarding when a previous disused fragment from the past it rescued, turned into a unique necklace and re-worn once again.
We often use Edwardian pocketwatch dials, vintage gaming pieces, music box keys and all sorts of unusual finds to create our pieces.
Always mindful of the previous owners of these fragments from past lives, we believe our jewellery should show evidence of this through patina that only genuine age and wear can bring. Because of this we often included tainted or tarnished metal in our designs.

Aside from our one off vintage finds, the majority of items are made to order by us- a small mother and daughter team. We are not a big company so naturally aside from relying on supplies, it takes us a little longer to make these pieces. Please allow time to create your piece.